You have the opportunity to learn through our mission, where leading and inspiring are part of everyday learning.  Your learning experiences are embedded in a Tūhoe worldview which encourages you to apply this to your own whakapapa. 

While studying here with Anamata, you are not in isolation from the world around you.  The real connections to iwi and hapū enable you to move and share your learning with the community and related sectors.

Plus we like to let loose and let you have a bit of fun as much as we can!

Anamata offers several programs to help you enter the workforce and make a difference in our community.

NZ Certificate in Building Trades Skills, Level 3

Anamata’s Construction trade training programme is your first step towards gaining a building qualification. On the building site, you’ll learn about health and safety issues in the building industry, experience using a range of hand and power tools, be involved in small community projects.  You will also develop your knowledge of building codes and regulations.

Degree Programs in:

  • Bachelor of Applied Counseling
  • Certificate in Public Health & Health Promotion
  • Diploma in Maori Health
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Bachelor in Te Reo
  • Diploma in Foundation Studies

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