Benefits and Fee's

This is about helping YOU and our community.... not us making money. 

By joining Connect, businesses will have the ability to:

  1. Promote your Business & Wares, for FREE, online
      • Allowing your business a way to survive if we return to more restrictive lockdown levels requiring online
      • Capability to sell your goods & services online at low a cost

         2.  Have an easy online business, option,  all at your finger tips
      1. E-Commerce Site:  includes your own “store” or seller profile. 
      2. Business Dashboard:  Easily see how your sales are tracking, what products are selling best, which ones are not selling well, track inventory and more!!
      3. Inventory Tracking & Multiple Locations: Track inventory across all of your locations, get low inventory alerts, and reports. 
      4. Payment/Transaction Processing: Our fee includes the cost of payment processing for all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more!
    1. Post job listings to gain access to capable local employees 
    1. Post Projects to gain free "People Power" to help your business thrive
    1. Promote your business as an innovative future employer and to plant the seed of possibility in our young people and schools

      Connect's intent is to link and collaborate with any/all business, groups, services or platforms in the EBOP… its about working together to help our community, aye?



        Our fee structure is designed to put the power and $ in YOUR hands!

        • On line sales fees are 5%, + $0.30 per online transaction
        • All other listings are FREE for the remainder of 2020
        The commission covers credit cards transaction fee's and site overheads.  Fee's may change  if the platform grows and members request more functionality added to the platform


        As we plan for our communities recovery in a Covid 19 world……
         Connect provides our EBoP community a platform to help one another to not only survive, but to thrive.